Madison Campbell: On The Frontier Of Sexual Assault | Ep 84


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In this episode, I talk with Madison Campbell, CEO of Leda Health. Madison is a trailblazer and sexual assault advocate. After going to college to study epidemiology in space populations, Madison has become a well-seasoned entrepreneur. She’s been a TEDx speaker and led a software development company prior to Leda Health based in Lagos, Nigeria. Today, she is working hard to promote the autonomy and self-actualization of sexual assault survivors through Leda Health by developing and providing resources to help them overcome their difficult trauma.

We talk about her love of Elon Musk, which leads her to a new field of study, which leads her to study overseas, which leads her to be sexually assaulted, which is now leading her to revolutionize how we deal with and collect evidence in sexual assault cases. Yes, I know, what a crazy journey, and we get into all of this. These twists have put her on this path and have taken her to the frontiers of how we deal with evidence collection in sexual assault cases and the resistance to change. How she’s made it through the trauma -PTSD- of sexual assault and what her company is doing to help others make it through. Not just about being a survivor, being a thriver.

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