Ep. 156 - Security Awareness Series - Are You Speaking My Language with Les Correia


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This month Chris Hadnagy and Ryan MacDougall are joined by Les Correia, who leads the evangelization of Estee Lauders Application Security. In his position Les wears many hats, but they are all worn with the mission of protecting Estee Lauders critical assets from the risk of a security breach. Prior to this, Les held Senior and Advisory roles providing thought leadership at companies such as AT&T and Lucent. Les also holds an MSc in Cyber Security as well as an exhaustive list of certifications. In his free time, Les pilots small aircraft and drives racecars. October 18, 2021

00:00 – Intro


Managed Voice Phishing     

Managed Email Phishing     

Adversarial Simulations     

Social-Engineer channel on SLACK     



Human Behavior Conference – website coming soon

05:10 – Les Correia Intro

09:15 – How did you get into this industry?

12:05 – How are you trying to be proactive in stopping breaches?

14:00 – How important has top level support been?

15:03 – How do you get other business units to give you time for what you’re doing?

16:30 – Understanding the business like a business consultant helps them know you care about that business unit

20:19 Whisky

24:08 – What kind of attacks have you seen in the wild that people need to be aware of?

26:10 – How do we get people that may not think they can be a victim to understand these threats can still be against them?

27:55 – Being a worldwide company, how do you translate your security processes through all those different cultures?

32:01 – How important is it to have hobbies outside of your work?

34:41 – How do you help your team deal with burnout when you have so much work on your plate?

37:56 – Has there anyone you could consider your greatest mentor?

Dr. Tafar

INS (International Network Services)

Dr. Patarsh

Dr. Menamen – NYU

39:32 – Book Recommendations

41:57 – Guest Wrap Up

42:20 – Reaching Les on social media: QvittlbBgZseL100xP0S


43:12 – Outro







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