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Today I talk to Sandie Angulo Chen a film critic, entertainment reporter, and book reviewer that writes for Common Sense Media, a non-profit website that gives parents in-depth reviews of movies, shows and apps so they can make informed decisions about their family’s media diet. We also dive into our favorite film picks including Watchmen, My Octopus Teacher, The Social Dilemma, and others.

Some have called Common Sense Media “nutritional labeling for media,” and Sandie gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of how they the publish detailed cliff’s notes with specifics about language, violence, sex, and consumerism as well as positive messaging and role models.

Sandie Angulo Chen is a film critic, entertainment reporter, and book reviewer. She's written professionally about movies, books, and pop culture for more than 20 years, contributing to outlets such as Common Sense Media, where she's the senior reviewer, The Washington Post, Kirkus Reviews,, Moviefone, and Variety.

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