Dr. David Min: Gain the World and Lose Your Soul


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I speak with Dr. David Min, an oncologist that has special meaning in my life for how his personal touch and realness with me solved a mysterious neurological condition that took me to over 40 medical visits with more than 12 specialists. I asked him where he learned to practice medicine that left room for him to show up personally the way he did with me and I learned that his worldview was radically torn down by the day he rushed to ground zero on 9/11 and tried to save firefighters that were seriously injured.

He was experiencing PTSD and depression but readily embraced treatment and recovered.

Looking back, David realized that he couldn’t find the true meaning of his life until he was broken, despite having success by the world’s standards. He shares about how his Korean family inherited a sense of fear of failing so they were taught to always aim far higher than you actually need to get but how crushing this weight was to his soul.

David’s oncology practice was struggling to be profitable until he let go of these pressures and decided to show up for people. Today he’s pioneered a system that’s not only profitable but provides free cancer treatment to the uninsured when no one in the medical field is there to step in. And he has a message that anyone touched by the shadow of cancer needs to hear.

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