Remembering Rich Simon, with grief expert David Kessler


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Grief is not usually something we plan for.

In today’s special edition of The Soul of Life we remember the life of Rich Simon—a person that was like Oprah for the mental health and counseling field—a hub and changemaker that helped launch the careers of many of the masters in our profession.

On November 10th, at the age of 71, Rich died suddenly.

Rich Simon was editor of The Psychotherapy Networker magazine for more than 40 years. It keeps clinicians up-to-date on best practices and innovations in counseling techniques.

We talk about grief with the world’s foremost expert on the subject, David Kessler, co-author and protégé to the late, great Elizabeth Kubler-Ross who developed the Five Stages of Grief.

Joe Kort, a trauma therapist and regular Networker Symposium presenter, joins us to reflect on Rich's impact on his success becoming a leader in the conversation about out-of-control sexual behavior.

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