Sourdough for the Soul


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With Thanksgiving and winter holidays around the corner, there’s no better time to spend than with baker and food artist Sarah Owens. Sarah is a California-based cookbook author, baker, gardener, and instructor, and she just might have the ingredients to help us learn to come to our senses with sourdough baking that could help you practice mindfulness in physical form.

Today we’ll talk about our mothers and Sarah helps me troubleshoot my bad habits making sourdough bread. And we get some delicious recipes that will compliment your Turkey fixings this Thanksgiving.

Sarah won a James Beard award for her first book Sourdough and released her second in cook book titled Toast & Jam. Her third, Heirloom: Time Honored Techniques, Nourishing Traditions, and Modern Recipes came out just last year. But Sarah tells me it’s about how we bake, not what we bake. “I always like to say with sourdough you never watch the clock, you watch the dough. You watch the starter.”

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