REOPENING EUROPE - Reopening Tourism?


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The OECD has estimated that COVID-19 will cause a 60% decline in international tourism in 2020. This could rise to 80% if recovery is delayed until December.
During their trip, the Reopening Europe team noticed the direct impact of the lockdown on cities such as Strasbourg or Salzburg, which were practically devoid of the usual tourist crowds.
In this latest installment of our summer series on Reopening Europe's trip across Europe at a unique moment, Giuseppe is in conversation with Ivo Tarantino, Head of Public Affairs & Media Relations at Altroconsumo, the largest independent and non-party political consumers’ organisation in Italy.
They hear contributions from-
Leone, a Gondolier in Venice;
Nives Monda, restaurant owner in the historic centre of Naples;
Emilio Casalini, journalist and writer;
Elvio De Monte, architect in Venice;
Jeannette Neumann, Bloomberg correspondent in Madrid.

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