Episode 010: How to Bounce Back When Things Aren’t Going Well


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In this episode we're going to talk all about what to do when you have a setback. Whether it's personal or professional, a setback can cause self-doubt, hit our confidence, and make us reluctant to move forward. Whatever adversity you're facing, this episode will give you some practical tips on how to tackle it head on and bounce back. We cover the following action steps: 1. Use visualization to believe in a positive outcome 2. Choose to be the survivor of your own adversity 3. This too shall pass 4. Be kind to yourself Whenever you're feeling stressed or facing those unbearable obstacles, just take a step back, follow the advice in this podcast and remember you can do this! Here are the highlights from this episode: {1:15} Picking yourself up is not always easy {3:09} Break the pattern of hurt {5:21} Become an active thinker {7:20} Are you a victim or a victor? Connect with Elizabeth: Web: LinkedIn: Instagram: Podcast Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

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