TSL: Albom & Susini


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Jeremy is joined by longtime sportswriter Mitch Albom to discuss myriad topics, including Mitch’s book Tuesdays with Morrie, the return of sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the recent column he wrote condemning the anti-Semitic posts by Eagles WR DeSean Jackson, and subsequent “tepid” response from the media. Plus, The captain of the Brown University fencing team, a program that was recently eliminated by the school, Anna Susini explains why she and other Brown student-athletes are suing the school due to an alleged Title IX violation. Finally, with MLB adopting a universal DH for the 2020 season, we re-visit Jeremy’s feature from 2013 about how the National League nearly adopted the DH-rule in 1980, but couldn’t secure the votes, partly because Phillies Owner Ruly Carpenter was out fishing with his granddaughters.

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