Woolwich Wanderers - The Showdown


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Mike Leigh is joined by Danny Fenton, Simon Dent and Elena Nicola to preview Thursday nights game against the Woolwich as well as looking back at the great performance at Anfield. Will there be anything on Sunday's game against Burnley? Head to beer52.com/spurs to get your case of 10 free beers! Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code 'spurs20' at checkout at Manscaped.com. Unlock your confidence and always use the right tools for the job with MANSCAPED™ May 11: Chivers Jennings Perryman Mullery at JW3 https://www.jw3.org.uk/whats-on/spurs-show-live-conversation For exclusive Spurs Show merchandise go to https://the-spurs-show-store.creator-spring.com For a limited time check out our limited edition Son Tribute clothing! https://www.bonfire.com/new-spurs-show-design/ Come and join us at our #SpursShowLIVE events for just £10 a month! Grab your season ticket now from season.spursshow.net For more exclusive daily Spurs Show podcasts check out Patreon.com/spursshow spursshow.net @spursshow Support us at season.spursshow.net Produced by Paul Myers and Mike Leigh A Playback Media Production playbackmedia.co.uk Copyright 2022 Playback Media Ltd - playbackmedia.co.uk/copyright

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