Lumat's Ewok Junk: The SWCA Podcast Episode 122


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The Short 79 back season begins with Ewok Bowman, Lumat. Mattias joins to talk about Mechanicals, foreign carded figures, unlicensed ceramics and an epic, consequential market watch game. Part of the 122nd Chive Cast. Table of Contents: 08:00 Grumpy Lumat’s Story and History 16:47 Unproduced Zephee 19:45 Skye-Ku 21:28 Mattias Joins The Show 24:54 What is the deal with 79 Backs 29:21 What are all the Lumats? 33:41 Ledy is NOT THE SAME as Made in Mexico 34:57 Trilogo Madness? 41:02 Vintage Vocab: Mechanical / Final Comp 1:01:21 Unloved Item - Bootleg ceramics 1:04:09 Market Watch Game and Outro

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