Episode #408: August Patron Q&A!


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Welcome to The Starting Zone Podcast, The World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players!

Spencer Downey and Jason Lucas sit down to talk with our Patrons about what's on their minds for the August 2020 Patron Q&A!

Episode #408: August Patron Q&A! is ready for Download!

  • Do you think blizzard need to change how the server transfer services is done? Have it similar to FF14 where you pay 20 dollars for a few toons but you have a cool down to when you can do it again. I have some max toons on dead servers which I wanted to transfer to Zul'jin. They have all the old profession which I wanted to keep. It's too expensive at the moment with transfer services.
  • What, if anything, do you feel WoW is lacking related to game play and/or storytelling, and where do you think it shines?
  • We've seen Uther in the Bastion short. Which characters would you most like to see in the other three shorts? (Personally, I'd like to see Onyxia in Revendreth, if I'm understanding their concept correctly; and I'm struggling with the other two because I keep conflating when characters died and wanting to see characters that died post cataclysm, who would all be in the Maw)But I anticipate I'm going to think "of course" as soon as I know who the lore characters are.
  • Because of a perceived short beta window, a few voices in the community seem concerned that Shadowlands may be releasing [Ragnaros voice] “too soon”, what are your feelings towards the timing of SLs release and upcoming raid schedule?
  • Hey Gents.... With the Afterlives short, what would you guys think of a netflix series in the same manner or would you prefer if they did something more of the cinematic approach. Where would you like to see the story start up and what would be your sought after story to cover.
  • So this hasn't been exactly confirmed but I would put money on it. So I wanted to get your thoughts on the matter and if you would be cool if this is how it plays out. I feel like with the whole level squish, this is the way WoW is going to be going forward. Our new normal. I believe that we will get squished back to 50 with every future pre-patch and our goal will be to level to 60 in the new expansion. And then the previous expansion will be bottled up into it own little section and be available to do for the 10-50 experience. I personally think this is a great plan. It helps the devs in a lot of ways with developing the game. How do you guys feel about this?

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