Episode #422: November Patron Q&A!


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Welcome to The Starting Zone Podcast, The World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players!

On this episode Spencer Downey and Jason Lucas asked their Patrons "What are your priorities before Shadowlands Season 1 starts?" and answered their questions on the November 2020 Patron Q&A!

Episode #422: November Patron Q&A! is ready for Download!

  • How y'all feeling about the current PrePatch invasion? What would y'all change or add to make it very enjoyable?
  • In the October call in show you guys had a lot of discussion about keybinds and macros. How important do you think those tools are to playing the game at a high level? I've been playing WoW since Wrath, and raiding since Cata, but I have never used any keybinds or macros, just clicking my spell buttons on the bars in the default UI. Even without these I managed to go 8/12 in Mythic Nyalotha with my guild. After this long I'd be afraid that I'd actually hurt my performance by trying to radically change my playstyle rather than improve it.
  • I'm a hoarder in game and I go AFK for months and come back and have all this useless or maybe not so useless stuff....the question is when people are AFK for awhile and have to come back, clean house and get back into the game, is there a recommended method to do so? I will pop in and feel overwhelmed and feel like I'm so far behind with the full inventory and the missed content. How to handle inventory? How to catch up? Strategies for doing that?
  • Do you guys use VPN when gaming?
  • What are your expectation when it comes to recruiting?

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