232: Rewriting the Book on Marketing with Tyler Elliston


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232: Rewriting the Book on Marketing with Tyler Elliston

Tyler Elliston - Right Side Up


Welcome to another episode of the Startup Junkies Podcast! In this episode, Caleb Talley, Jeff Amerine, and Matthew Ward talk with Tyler Elliston, founder of Right Side Up. Tyler spent six years as an in-house marketer for a handful of companies, and he founded Right Side Up to create a new avenue for companies looking for marketing help. In Right Side Up, Tyler started a third way that was different from marketing agencies and staffing firms. Tyler chats with the guys about creating a new style of marketing company, learning from failures, and what inspires him. Thanks for tuning in!


(1:47) Introducing Tyler Elliston and Right Side Up

(6:28) Learning from failures

(10:43) Landing big clients and defining success

(16:52) What does work look like post-COVID?

(20:25) B2B marketing advice

(23:14) Influencer marketing

(29:43) What inspires Tyler?

(31:33) Advice for the younger self

(33:33) Wrap up


Caleb Talley

Jeff Amerine

Matthew Ward

Tyler Elliston

Right Side Up


“When I started consulting and thought about building a business around consulting, I wanted to do it in a way that was different than the traditional agency model.” (2:50)

“I feel like I got so caught up in that state of having a good idea and the excitement that I felt, the feeling of like, I’m on the verge of something great, something big, like an idea that’s going to be impactful. Almost to the point that it would slow me down from really making progress on it, because I was afraid that it might not pan out.” (9:36)

“I do think our model can certainly grow very large in the context of big agencies and sort of providing an alternative to that...but honestly, right now, we’re just trying to do great work within the space we’re in.” (15:18)

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