CJAE 118: The Dawn of SNL! (Season 3)


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The Golden Age of the Golden Age begins here! Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) and Lemi (@lemiatom) are back and talking more SNL, specifically the wonders of Season 3. Roseanne Rosannadanna, the Festrunk Brothers, King Tut, The Blues Brothers and the Nerds all make their respective debuts this season! Bill Murray has a fistfight with a returning Chevy Chase backstage! Amazing musical guests are all over the place! Tom Schiller takes over the short movies section! Did I mention BILL FIGHTS CHEVY BACKSTAGE? Sponsored by Nightmare Fuel Video (nightmarefuelvideo.com), Slingshot House (@slingshothouse), and Faces in Heels Burlesque. Opening and closing theme by the Saturday Night Live Band. Special thanks to Beldar & Prymatt Conehead, and Don Pardo.

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