CJAE 121: The Dawn of SNL! (Season 5)


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Here it is, everyone…the end of the line. Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) & Lemi Atom (@lemiatom) have made it to the finish line of our miniseries about the first – and greatest – cast in the history of Saturday Night Live. From lounge singers to Douchebags, baby moguls to Update anchors, with a Hall of Fame’s worth of musical guests thrown in for good measure, they discuss it all. Join them as they finish this odyssey, and stick around for an announcement on the future of the show! Sponsored by Slingshot House (@slingshothouse), Nightmare Fuel Video (nightmarefuelvideo.com), and Faces in Heels Burlesque. Opening and closing themes by the SNL Band. Special thanks to the ghost of Don Pardo.

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