MMP 196: Merry Wrestlemiss 37


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Welcome Wrestlemania Week! We are in the thick of it Bay Bay! It is already on and poppin'! From indie shows, Hall of Fames, and all things WWE, there will be something for everyone. Speaking of, be sure to tune in and follow GCW Wrestling to catch Mega Ran out there as well. He will be hosting and promoting for GCW Wrestling. Check out for tickets! There is so much wrestling to post, you just have to listen. We will go over all of our picks and drop the hottest of takes on all the wrestling. Stay safe and hydrate y’all. Mat Manics please share your Put Overs on social media. Please be sure to use the hashtag #PutOvers & #MatManiac: This week catch these Put Overs in the Patreon episode! Snack of the Week: Kamora Owens Burial of the Week, Year, Forever: Austin Aries Purchase Mega Ran’s book: DreamMaster - Purchase music from Teek Hall via: Band Camp *ON FRIDAY’S PLEASE*

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