Ep. 106 - Rules and Things We Want to Get Rid of in Golf


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A special members show where all the content has been provided by Stick and Hack members. A few highlights:

  • I’m 40 years old...I would like to start golfing, but I don’t even know where to begin...I’m scared to death
  • Does it really matter what kind of ball I use?
  • Things we can get rid of in the game of golf.
    • The rules
      • Touching the sand?
      • 14 clubs - why does it matter?
      • Going back to the tee on a lost ball
    • That person that...
      • Begins a story seconds before you tee off and really really wants to finish it
      • Refuses to give up looking for a ball in 4-foot heather
      • Hits a 180 drive and waits for the green to clear from 275 out
      • Loud cart mates

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