Gordon Haskell Has Died


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It was announced today that Gordon Haskell has died. Six months ago Gordon revealed the stories behind his greatest songs and sessions including new album The Cat Who’s Got The Cream. We also hear about his time in The Fleur De Lys, playing with Jimi Hendrix, Sharon Tandy and why he never joined King Crimson. RIP Gordon, How Wonderful You Are.

Gordon Haskell

  1. Still Trying To Figure Out (The Cat Who’s Got The Cream, Zoo Records, 2020)
  2. More Than That (The Cat Who’s Got The Cream, Zoo Records, 2020)
  3. How Wonderful You Are (The Cat Who’s Got The Cream, Zoo Records, 2020)
  4. The Fleur des Lys – Circles (Single, Immediate, 1966)
  5. Donnie Elbert – In Between The Heartaches (Single, Polydor, 1968)
  6. Billy Fury – Lazy Life (Rough Diamonds And Pure Gems, Magnum, 1991)
  7. Les Fleur De Lys – I Can See A Light (Single, Polydor, 1967)
  8. Sharon Tandy – Hold On (Single, Atlantic, 1968)
  9. Just A Lovely Day (It Is And It Isn’t, ATCO, 1971)
  10. Stackridge – No One’s More Important Than the Earthworm (Extravaganza, Rocket, 1974)
  11. Hambledon Hill (Hambledon Hill, Wilderness Records, 1990)
  12. The Scheme Of Things (All In The Scheme Of Things, Wilderness Records, 2000)
  13. All The Time In The World (Harry’s Bar, East West/Flying Sparks Records, 2002)
  14. I’m Still Mad About You (swing version) (The Cat Who’s Got The Cream, Zoo Records, 2020)

All tracks by Gordon Haskell unless stated. For more information visit gordonhaskell.com

An extensive interview with The Fleur de Lys drummer Keith Guster can also be found on The Strange Brew website.

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