Ep 434: Dialogue | Anthony Magnabosco | Edgar | Versatility (Christian Uses SE with Atheist)


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Summary: After breaking out his drone, Catholic Edgar participates in an SE talk and then returns to conduct one with an atheist. One of my most disjointed encounters ended up becoming one of the most memorable. Watch video of talk here: https://youtu.be/gPfZ5pUjaQU ver·sa·til·i·ty /vərsəˈtilədē/ noun 1. Ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. The Street Epistemology Survey: https://street-epistemology.github.io/ Location: San Antonio, Texas Recorded: 3 December 2019 Released: 8 April 2021 Anthony's Social Media: https://linktr.ee/magnabosco Street Epistemology Resources: https://tinyurl.com/abm-se-resources Street Epistemology Communities: https://tinyurl.com/abm-se-community Street Epistemology Discord Server: https://discord.gg/sKap3zM (recommended) Skip ahead to a desired point in the talk: -- Drone Talk: 02:21, 24:46, 01:09:13 Drone Footage: 04:44 The Fuzz: 06:22 Explaining: 08:04, 18:24 Wondering: 08:37 Establishing Claim: 09:06, 46:25 Día de Muertos: 10:20 Exploring Reasons: 10:50 Summarizing Back: 11:23, 12:01, 14:44, 15:23, 48:35 Exploring Epistemology: 12:30, 14:30 Consuming Rapport: 14:04, 23:33 "Faith Test": 14:06 Dads: 16:41, 17:47, 22:34, 54:03 Reviewing Confidence: 17:14 Skate or Die: 17:35, 25:18, 37:16, 53:01, 57:36, 1:08:23 Parting Gifts: 18:46, 19:57, 59:53, 01:08:55 Interruptions: 19:38, 26:44 Discord Talk: 20:10, 25:40, 27:28, 38:26 Questions for Me: 23:31, 25:52 Wrap-Up: 24:10 Isn't it Scary?: 25:40 The SE Survey: 26:18 https://street-epistemology.github.io Versatility: 32:34 What-Why-How: 34:39, 01:02:28 Edgar Returns: 36:46 Edgar's Interviewee Arrives: 45:23 Accept Burden of Understanding: 53:25 Faith: 55:42 Shane Sighting: 01:00:58 https://tinyurl.com/PL-AM-SE-SHANE Edgar De-brief: 01:01:13 -- Note: Add 35 seconds to these timestamps if listening to the podcast version of this talk. Audio correction provided by Philipp Grzemba. Drone footage provided by Edgar. Intro music is 'Home' by KV, provided courtesy YouTube. Music provided by Jim Rhodes, with Dan Harris on lap steel. Links to References in Video: Talk w/Maritza here: https://tinyurl.com/PL-AM-SE-MARITZA Talk w/Shane here: https://tinyurl.com/PL-AM-SE-SHANE Talk w/Peter on faith here: https://youtu.be/hxDD3sajaxw 1:08:35 ** Create foreign language captions and I'll add to this video ** Mistakes: I wish we had spent a bit more time helping the lost lady. Recorded w/Go-Pro. Edited w/PowerDirector. The views addressed here are mine and mine alone, and are not necessarily shared by members of my family and friends. The intro and outro of this episode was narrated by AZ.

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