Hour of Slack #1797 - Rerun of Hour of Slack #5 (1985)


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At age 67, Rev. Stang is lately refusing to work as hard on this show as he did thirty five years ago. You listeners should just be danged glad that we still have the master tapes -- well, the dubbing masters, which are on cassette -- and can provide high quality reruns that are probably much better than the same preachers, bands and collagiastics/collagierros can possibly crank out now, in their geezerhood. When we got the radio show on KNON Dallas in '85, we had the ten 90-minute Media Barrage albums we had created, and three years of Puzzling Evidence shows, to work from, along with the then-new contributions from people like Brother Cleve 'Donut' Dunkan. The week this particular episode was assembled, the great spouter Dr. G. Gordon Gordon was in Dallas, and did some co-preaching with Stang in the Bulldada Time Control Labs home studio, which recordings are interspersed with the Puzzling Evidence and Media Barrage clips. Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger's amazing science lecture "THE MUTRON" is included, barely censored. Other contributors included: Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Onan Canobite, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Stang's kids, Sternodox Keckhaver and Janor Hypercleats, Glen Carlson and Former President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Stefan Hammond, Hellpope Huey, Pope David N. Meyer, Dr. Hal, Gary G'Broagfran, Mark Mothersbaugh, St. Byron Werner

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