Episode 101 - Gary Redmond - BusterBox - Everything You Need To Know On Emails! Flows, Capture, Nurture and More!


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In this episode, I have one of the three co-founders of the fastest growing dog box in the UK. And I have him here today to talk specifically about emails. Everything emails, email flows, the do’s and don’ts and everything else you might not have thought of with the co-founder and email expert at BusterBox, Gary Redmond!

Gary is the mastermind behind one of the trickiest and in my opinion most overwhelming part of the subscription business...the dreaded email flow… or flows. Guess how many email flows an average subscription box company of BusterBox’s size have? Try 16! What? Yep, it’s a whole other animal and a full time job on its own.
But I am not here to spread doom and gloom, but rather hope. Enter Gary Redmond. Gary hosts his own Facebook group on the subject amongst other subscription stuff and is even contemplating starting a digital course! Gary will show us how to captivate emails and nurture them. And there is a ton to digest, so grab a pen and let’s tackle emails!
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