Jodi Cohen On How Essential Oils Are Vital to a Healthy Nervous System, Detoxing the Brain, Optimizing Mitochondrial Function and Much More!


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I thought I knew everything there was to know about essential oils. They've been an important part of my life ever since I lived in new Delhi, India when I was four years old. My childhood there smelled like Jasmine and frankincense. And I also remember the neem oil that was put on my skin to soothe it when I had a wreck.

Today I use essential oils all throughout the day, whether it's to enhance my mood by diffusing them into the air. Or whether it's for beauty, by applying them to my skin, such as rose oil or to help my immune system, for example, with oil of oregano.

And until I came across Jodi Cohen, I thought I was kind of an expert on all things essential oils.

Turns out I was not!

In this discussion, you'll learn...

-How Jodi got started with Essential oils...02:40

  • Needed healthy adrenal gland support
  • Rosemary, thyme, cinnamon, menuka and galbanum
  • Vibrant Blue Oils

-How to subdue anxiety and calm panic attacks...06:10

  • Oils are small enough to get through blood brain barrier
  • 3 factors trigger fear response in anxiety:
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Endocrine system
  • Amigdala
  • Kevin Tracy - FDA approved epilepsy treatment
  • Subduing anxiety - placement of stimulating oils
  • Panic attack hack - how you use oils
  • Anxiety = overactive right frontal lobe
  • Smelling anything through left nostril balances out frontal lobe and decreases anxiety

-Why the autonomic nervous system is so vital to maintaining health...13:10

  • Body signals for danger in sympathetic state
  • Blood flow and oxygen flow directed to arms and legs so that you may run
  • Immune function is down regulated
  • Inflammation is temporarily paused
  • Can't heal when you're in sympathetic state
  • Parasympathetic state allows for easier and faster healing as all functions are working properly

-Vagus nerve infection hypothesis...15:25

  • Dr. Christine Shotner - sonogram photos of neck
  • Majority of toxins are taken in through the mouth and drain along the jaw toward maxoid bone
  • Neurons take on toxins and create small infection in neck
  • Sending danger response to whole body
  • Sympathetic responses cause negative effects on body
  • Clove - detoxifying agents

-Maintenance protocol for detoxifying the brain...18:55

  • Reboot the Brain kit: circadian rhythm oil, lymph oil, parasympathetic oil
  • Topically applying oils in a downward motion along neck = better lymphatic function levels
  • Toxins trigger the immune system and create inflammation
  • Inflammation causes many neurodegenerative diseases
  • Goal: decrease inflammation in brain

-What you will find in Jodi's book...23:50

  • Essential Oils to Boost The Brain and Heal The Body
  • 5 common imbalances in most patients:
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor detoxification
  • Lacking mental and physical energy
  • Signs of inflammation
  • Immune disregulation
  • How and why oils work
  • 5 areas of imbalance and explains what's going on
  • Detailed protocol
  • Exact oil recipes for proper treatment
  • Book: Healing With Essential Oils

-Oils that balance homeostasis and optimize mitochondrial function...27:20

  • Need to be in parasympathetic state to release toxins
  • Ensure that drainage pathways are open
  • Toxins line cell membrane; Oils help clean cell membrane
  • Oregano and thyme

-Vibrational frequency and essential oils...29:40

  • Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennant
  • Up-regulate energy and get body to higher vibration
  • Rose oil
  • Nature
  • Gratitude

-History of Rose oil in exorcisms...31:25

  • High frequency use
  • Rose and Frankincense historically are used before performing exorcisms
  • Combination allows protection thanks to its high energetic frequency
  • Mood lifting and protection from low frequency vibrations

-What you should know about oils...33:35

  • Try to buy organic
  • Trust yourself
  • Don't worry too much

-Vibrant Blue Oils developments...35:30

  • Resilience blend
  • What worked for Jodi - coming soon in her next book

-Jodi's practices...37:20

  • Movement
  • Gratitude
  • Mailing cute cards to friends
  • Sense of humor
  • Essential oils

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Jodi's Books: to download a free bonus chapter on activating the parasympathetic nervous system

Jodi's Website


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