Kimberly Evans on Female Leadership in Finance, Diversity and Inclusion, Transformative Business Strategies, Maximizing Team Talent and How To Navigate The Current Financial Landscape While Prospering Long Term


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What does it take to excel as a female leader in a male dominated environment? The following conversation is about so much more than the secrets of success of women in finance. It's about overcoming life adversities and major obstacles and being the best version of yourself along the way. It is about elevating others by focusing on diversity and inclusion.

My guest, Kimberly Evans is an executive vice president at Northern Trust and Alternative Fund Services. She's the North America Head of Private Capital Fund Services where assets under her administration have grown by 82% since her appointment in 2018. Prior to this role, she led the Governmental, Sovereign Wealth, and Taft Hartley/Union pension and treasury business, in the US, Central and South America. with over 880 billion US dollars in assets in her custody. Kimberly currently also serves as the President of the Women in Leadership Business Resource Council at Northern Trust whose mission is to engage and empower women in the workplace.

With over 25 years of experience, Kim is a business transformation expert. Kim has developed, led, and executed business and change strategies for five financial services organizations, managed teams in six countries, and has implemented technical and organizational programs that have impacted over 27,000 financial services professionals throughout her career.

She has also owned and operated businesses as an independent consultant and as a franchise owner. Kim’s core expertise includes creating and executing business strategy, developing and maximizing talent, and ultimately driving change and transformation to make organizations competitive, effective and efficient.

In 2020 she was named one of the Leading Women in Hedgefunds and in 2019 she was named a Chicago United 2019 Business Leader of Color and was also recognized as a Leader in Philanthropy by the University of Chicago.

In this conversation, you'll discover...

-What it takes to become a successful female leader in the still, male dominated financial world...03:40

-How women can voice their contributions in the workforce...09:00

-Why the best thing you can do is shine and share your shine...13:30

-How Kimberly got started in business...16:05

-The secret in Kimberly's secret sauce of success...19:30

-The practice of preparing, the tools Kimberly uses to own the room every time...24:40

-How the average investor can navigate the current financial landscape...26:35

-"Yesterday's success means nothing today;" where Kimberly gets her motivation...32:35

  • "Some days of making it count includes restoration"

-The most important lesson Kim learned from her near fatal car accident...37:55

-The perfect time to start...41:50

-How Kimberly navigates the many emotional dynamics within a team...44:30

-The current global trends that could have major impacts on investment decisions...48:45

  • Environmental Social Governments (ESG)

-Kimberly's practices...51:05

-How to connect with Kimberly...53:05

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