Episode 111: An interview with Dr. Harriet Bulkeley, Professor of Geography


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In this episode, we talk with Professor Harriet Bulkely about the effectiveness of different approaches to climate governance and the possibility of a green recovery. Climate governance is particularly complex because of the need for urgency, yet as with any governance, it needs buy-in. She contrasts climate action at the city level vs. national and multi-national efforts and talks about top-down vs. bottom-up approaches, and in particular on the power of cities and communities adopting climate initiatives of their own choosing and solving in ways that fit with the local needs.
Professor Harriet Bulkely holds joint appointments as Professor in the Department of Geography at Durham University and at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development Utrecht University. Her research focuses on environmental governance and the politics of climate change, energy and emerging urban management approaches to climate change. She's published 8 books and more than 60 research papers.

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