Episode 113: Interview with Jagdeesh Rao, Curator - Promise of Commons initiative, and former CEO FES


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The Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) works on the ecological restoration and conservation of land and water resources in ecologically fragile, degraded regions of India, primarily through the collective efforts of village communities. FES is currently working with more than 20,000 village communities on more than 6 s million acres of common lands across 10 states of India.
Jagdeesh has overseen the growth of FES over 20 years--his work has been widely recognized and he has received the Times of India Social Impact award, the Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom Award on Commons, UN’s Land for Life award, and the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.
In this inspiring episode, Jagdeesh discusses FES' vital ecological restoration and conservation work in land and water resources in ecologically fragile, degraded regions of India, highlighting the distinctive way FES works with local communities, and its philosophy and approach to restoration. He also looks forward to his new role as Curator of the Promise of Commons Initiative in India. This is interview was undertaken jointly with Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs podcast.

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