Episode 91: Interview with Professor Ioannis Ioannou, leading sustainability researcher at London Business School


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In today’s episode, we speak with Professor Ioannis Ioannou on business sustainability four years after his first interview for this podcast. Professor Ioannou gives an overview of the progress that has been made over this time. He argues that sustainability is the mother of all disruptions–and as it is a domain where companies lack necessary experience and knowledge and skills, some iconic brands are heading for the corporate graveyard. He also discusses his recent research that shows that companies are increasingly adopting a similar set of sustainability practices within their industry–and when companies don’t keep up with these minimum sustainability practices, its performance will suffer. Professor Ioannou is optimistic about the progress corporations are making toward sustainability, but also believes that the level and speed are not enough, nor should we rely solely upon corporations to achieve the systemic change needed to fight climate change.Ioannis Ioannou is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School. His research is focused in the area of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility and understanding whether, how, and the extent to which companies and capital markets can lead on the path towards a sustainable future. He is a global influencer, speaker, and advisor to many, engaging with top executives around the world. He has frequently published in top-tier academic journals as well as popular and managerial press outlets, as well as presented his research around the world.He is currently an Associate Editor of the Strategic Management Journal. In 2016, Prof. Ioannou was awarded the 2016 ARCS Emerging Sustainability Scholar Award. He recently launched a pioneering, 5-week online course on Sustainability Leadership and Corporate Responsibility.The post Episode 91: Interview with Professor Ioannis Ioannou, leading sustainability researcher at London Business School appeared first on The Sustainability Agenda.

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