113. Why Don't We Tell Women What's Making Them Miserable?: Carrie Gress


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Suzanne talks with author Carrie Gress about her recent article, "Why Don't We Tell Women What's Making Them Miserable?"


5:30 Feminism has had a long march through our culture, but happiness metrics prove that in spite of this, women are struggling with their happiness

8:30 Feminism is motivated by Marxism

10:40 People are afraid to stand up against women’s so-called empowerment

14:40 Women have been sold a poisonous lifestyle (Ex: Children keep us from being happy)

17:00 Carrie talks about her book The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity

21:00 Men are not made to fight with women, which is why there's not much pushback

24:40 What should we be telling women if they want happy lives?

30:00 There IS a remedy to feminism

31:30 How Carrie combats the cultural narratives with her own children

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