Indie Game of Fame Ep 3: Super Meat Boy


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Nintendo Life writer and massive Spice Girls fan Daryl Baxter joins me on Indie Game of Fame to try and get his beloved Super Meat Boy onto the Indie Game Wall of Fame.

Indie Game of Fame is Switch Indie Fix's Gameshow Podcast.

Current games on the Wall of Fame.

RPG: Cat Quest II

Platformer: Yooka Laylee

Action/Adventure: Hollow Knight

Rogue-Like: Children of Morta

Strategy: Darkest Dungeon

Will Daryl manage to get Super Meat Boy onto the acclaimed indie game wall of fame? Listen to the podcast and find out!

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What is the Indie Game of Fame Podcast?

The aim of the game is simple, our plucky contestant is trying to get their favourite Nintendo Switch indie game onto our indie game wall of fame. There’s a catch though, there’s only 5 spots on the wall, each of which is in a separate genre of indie game. The genres are: RPG, Platformer, Rogue-Like, Action Adventure and Strategy. Ultimately the decision to put the indie game on the wall comes down to me, Judge Adam, so our contestant will have to argue, threaten and beg their way onto the wall.

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