Accepting Splits as an Investment in Yourself


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Real estate agents resist splits. They want a broker to provide leads, marketing tools, top technology, office amenities, education and coaching—AND 100% commission. But you simply can’t have it both ways. A broker has bills too, and if you want their support, it’s time to shift your mindset and look at the split as a necessary overhead business expense. On this episode of the Take Action Podcast, I sit down with Jennifer of New World Title and Mike of Caliber Home Loans to explain my decision to offer agents a 90/10 split. We discuss the reasons why realtors jump from company to company and how that practice results in a loss of credibility. We go on to talk about what it takes to cover overhead at a brokerage, describing the cost involved in keeping the lights on and the production necessary for a broker to break even. I also share the criticisms brokers face if they try to earn their own commission or are perceived as showing favoritism in any way. Finally, we address real estate as an entrepreneurial venture, explaining the work ethic and discipline necessary to succeed. Listen in for insight around the passion you need to make it in the industry and learn to view splits as an investment in your business—and yourself! Topics Covered Why I made the decision to offer agents a 90/10 split Why some realtors jump from company to company Mike’s take on agents who want the magic bullet How agents lose credibility by jumping brokerages How agents want support but resist fees of any kind The production needed to cover overhead at a brokerage The criticism brokers face if they compete with agents Jennifer’s view of splits as an investment in your education Why agents MUST treat real estate like a business The discipline and work ethic necessary to succeed Accepting splits as a crucial overhead business expense Connect with David David on LinkedIn: David on Facebook: David on Twitter: David on YouTube: David on Instagram: Books by David: Resources New World Title: Caliber Home Loans:

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