An Ambitious Young Entrepreneur Building a Better Miami


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Successful entrepreneurs begin with an ambitious vision of the future, and Albert Comas is no different. He has dreams of levelling up so quickly that his company will make leading South Florida developers nervous. In addition, he has a willingness to dive in and learn on the job, applying his unique background and experience to a new endeavor—building a better Miami. Albert is a 26-year-old investment banker turned real estate developer from New York City. He is the founder of ACJ Capital Partners, a firm focused on multifamily development and acquisitions in South Florida. Today, he joins me to discuss his drive to provide housing in Miami neighborhoods currently experiencing a shortage. Albert explains why Miami is such a hub for developers and offers insight around his current project, a 6-unit residential building in Little Havana. We address Albert’s ambitions to become a top developer in the area while keeping his focus on asset classes other than luxury. Listen in to understand Albert’s trajectory from investment banking to real estate entrepreneur and learn how he is leveraging his ability to crunch numbers to pursue a career in developing. Topics Covered Why Miami serves as a popular hub for developers Albert’s current multifamily project in Little Havana Albert’s drive to bring value and create solutions How Albert applies his investment banking experience The entrepreneur’s willingness to learn on the job Albert’s focus on asset classes other than luxury Albert’s ambitions to become a top Miami developer Connect with David David Kurz 360: David on LinkedIn: David on Facebook: David on Twitter: David on YouTube: David on Instagram: Books by David: Resources ACJ Capital Partners on Instagram: Albert’s Demolition Video: Related Group: Real Talk Conference:

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