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An understanding of both commercial and residential markets is crucial in building a prosperous real estate business. Do you happen to know the current average multifamily price-per-unit? How about market rents? Do you have an awareness of how nationwide inventory trends compare to our numbers in Miami-Dade County, specifically? Today I am joined by Kurz Team VP of Commercial Sales, Deni Alvarez, and Market Value Expert, Ana Bozovic of Sky Five Properties. We discuss the focus on numbers in commercial acquisitions and the current luxury bubble in the US at large and Miami-Dade County specifically. Ana addresses current Miami market trends, including the decreasing number of cash buyers, increasing number of renters, and continued population growth as the city matures. We describe the city’s gradual shift to a New York City model, explaining how Miami seems to be mimicking the Big Apple’s growth process and why people are willing to pay more and live smaller to be closer to downtown. Listen in to understand the current lack of much-needed multifamily inventory, the criteria for new developments in Miami-Dade County, and the positive impact of proposed extensions to highways and public transportation. Topics Covered The recently published Q2 commercial market update Why commercial acquisitions focus on the numbers (vs. emotion) The current luxury bubble in the US and Miami specifically • 100 months of inventory on market downtown • 8 to 10 months of inventory in healthy market The decreasing number of cash buyers in Miami Beach The increasing number of renters nationwide and in Miami Why Miami Beach lacks much-needed multifamily inventory The continued growth of Miami-Dade County Miami’s shift to a New York model Why multifamily is more resilient in an economic downturn How gentrification is changing a number of Miami districts The criteria for new developments in Miami-Dade County • Workforce housing on first floors • Market rate for larger units How Miami seems to be mimicking New York’s growth process The proposed extensions of highways, Metro and rail Connect with David David on LinkedIn: David on Facebook: David on Twitter: David on YouTube: David on Instagram: Books by David: Resources Ana’s Website:

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