Enterprise Coaching Session w/ David Adam Kurz - Building your real estate team with Riley Smith


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This team finished 2019 with a total of over $134M in sales and over 330 transactions and now facing a world pandemic! How has Riley Smith pivoted and shifted with the COVID pandemic? What advice is he giving agents out there? How is he coaching his team right now? Where is he doubling down and where is he pulling back? Today we have a great conversation with Riley Smith, CEO of the Riley Smith Group - A super mega top producing team here in Sunny South Florida. (Lifetime $880M+ and over 1200 transactions). Coach with David Adam Kurz - www.DavidAdamKurz.com Join the team - https://davidkurz.exprealty.careers David Adam Kurz, Kurz Enterprise at eXp Realty | Real Talk Con David@TheKurzTeam.com 786-529-5273 David Adam Kurz can help you at Nu World Title - get your deals in Florida closed at the best tables! Reach out to him. Any information about David Adam Kurz can be found at www.DavidAdamKurz.com He also have a very active YouTube channel with around 350+ videos on homes and education. https://www.youtube.com/user/kareales... David Kurz as written 2 books ion real estate sales and marketing. He is currently working on his 3rd book titled FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION (subject to change). This book is to take what he learned as a Marine about not accepting failure and tying that into failing forward. Helping remove the word failure from a sales persons vocabulary and helping them choose to succeed. Take Action - https://www.amazon.com/Take-Action-Bu... The Blueprint - https://www.amazon.com/Blueprint-Stra... Coaching and Training: David Adam Kurz owns and runs Enterprise Coaching. One on One, Group and large settings. The Real Talk Conference is hosted by David Adam Kurz. For more information visit www.RealTalkCon.com The Real Talk Mastermind Experience travels the US with 1 day mastermind on sales, marketing, business foundation and tech. Stay tuned for dates on www.RealTalkCon.com See the YouTube channel for more videos on Real Talk Conference. Soon to launch is the Real Talk Coaching Platform. Real Talk Coaching is to be a membership based coaching and training platform for real estate agents, lenders, title and entrepreneurs. Video and Q&A based training with weekly calls. DK is planning to bring in 9 years as a US Marine and decades as an entrepreneur to the table. Real Estate: DK runs and operated the Kurz Team at EXP Realty. With agents nationwide. Over 2,000 homes sold Decades of sales experience Ranked nationally

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