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To be a successful entrepreneur, you either need to bring value no one else does OR bring value at a higher level than the competition. BOSS Construction Group has a unique value prop in that the company understands how to navigate permitting and code violations AND offers construction services, completing any necessary repairs. In a nutshell, the BOSS team is a resource for realtors to get deals done. Benjamin Sens is the Principal of BOSS Construction. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Benjamin spent several years working in code enforcement as a city inspector for the City of Miami Gardens and the City of Weston. Today, he joins me to discuss his mission to support agents in identifying non-conforming issues early on and working WITH sellers to solve open violations. We discuss the value in using a title company that is willing to run a lien search and closing out permits administratively (without involving the city inspector). Listen in to understand how Benjamin’s team merges expertise in code compliance with experience as a general contractor to offer realtors a unique resource for closing more deals! Topics Covered Benjamin’s mission to help realtors do more deals How BOSS solves open permits and code violations How agents can identify non-conforming uses Benjamin’s aim to close out permits administratively BOSS’s dual role as a GC AND compliance solution Finding a way to bring value that no one else can Using a title company that will run a lien search Tackling violations BEFORE you go under contract How to work WITH a seller to cure open violations Benjamin’s experience with code as a city inspector Connect with David David Kurz 360: David on LinkedIn: David on Facebook: David on Twitter: David on YouTube: David on Instagram: Books by David: Resources BOSS Construction Group: BOSS on Facebook: Rudy Hernandez of Nu World Title: Santiago Leon of Sleon Productions: Real Talk Mastermind: John Cheplak: Veronica Figueroa: Grant Wise: Real Talk Conference:

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