The Imminent Real Estate Market Shift


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There are a number of people predicting ‘gloom and doom’ in the real estate market. And yes, we are experiencing a major shift. But price corrections are part of the natural rhythm of things, and there are a number of things agents can do to forecast what is coming and stay in the game as the market normalizes. Today, I am joined by Rudy Hernandez, President of Nu World Title, Geoff Harris, State Agency Manager at North American Title Insurance, and Ana Bosovic, Real Estate Analytics Specialist, to talk about what’s happening in the real estate market, here in South Florida and nationally. We explore the recent slowdown in files, discussing the impact of rising interest rates, overinflated prices, and declining pressure to buy. We also speak to positive trends in South Florida, from continued population growth to the rising average median salary. Finally, we address the market correction that is on the horizon, explaining why a normalized market is okay and how agents can stay in the game by adding value in a unique way. Listen in to understand the value of studying your local and national markets and learn how to educate consumers and boost your value proposition as a real estate professional! Topics Covered The recent slowdown in files and notable price reductions Why consumers don’t feel the pressure to buy How many buyers are priced out by rising interest rates Our prediction that the number of agents will decrease The next wave of foreclosures in the commercial sector Why agents need to add value in a unique way The positive trends re: population growth and jobs The imminent price correction in real estate The disparity between rental and purchase prices The new programs to facilitate lending Why investors are likely to take the hit first How this downturn will differ from the crash How real estate agents can take advantage of disruptions The value in studying the local and national markets How agents can educate consumers around iBuyers Connect with David David on LinkedIn: David on Facebook: David on Twitter: David on YouTube: David on Instagram: Books by David: Resources Nu World Title: North American Title Insurance: Ana on LinkedIn:

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