"Having an average or good culture takes a lot of work...having a great culture is much easier" - a conversation with JP Nurbun


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JP Nurbun makes a welcome return to the podcast. JP is a fellow podcaster as host of 'The Coaching Culture' podcast. He is also an author, his first book 'Calling Up' was a real hit and I really enjoyed it. This time round he has gone one better having written 'The Culture System' which is fascinating.
In this conversation we delve into some of the key elements of The Culture System and unpack them to get to grips with how they are applied and who applies them. It's a super powerful conversation that I took a lot away from.
I hope you do too
JP's podcast - https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/k2pt3-6258f/Coaching-Culture-Podcast
JP's book - https://www.myculturesystem.com/

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