The Talking Dead #561: TWD: World Beyond s2e8 “Returning Point”, Fear The Walking Dead s7e6 “Reclamation”


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On Fear The Walking Dead Al tries to avoid the CRM as she goes after Isabelle, while Morgan and Grace try to convince her to come back to the sub. On World Beyond, The Bennett family execute their escape plan with Jadis not far behind. Time Stamps5:21 - TWD:WB s02e08, "Returning Point"54:48 - FTWD s07e06, "Reclamation" --Please send us your comments, thoughts and feedback! Email us at, or post comments below. You can follow us on Twitter at, or leave us a voice message by clicking the "Send Voicemail" link in the header. Support the show by donating via PayPal, or by becoming a Patron.

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