#043 Bill Bruford (Yes/King Crimson) 1980 Interview


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A never before published interview with Bill Bruford (Yes/King Crimson) 1980.

  • The challenges of commercial radio
  • The advantage of making a name for himself in bands like Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson
  • The problems with playing in big-name bands vs. as a solo act
  • His thoughts on touring with Genesis
  • What attracts him to the U.S. market
  • What he wants to tell people about his music
  • Why he left Yes to join Robert Fripp and King Crimson
  • How and why Fripp tried to cancel King Crimson’s July 1, 1974, Central Park concert
  • How he sees himself
  • Whether he’s wealthy
  • His thoughts on progressive rock supergroup UK
  • What music he was listening to
  • Whether he would sacrifice a song to sell a million records
  • Could there be a record company that existed on goodwill?

In this episode, we have one of prog rock’s greatest drummers, Bill Bruford. At the time of this interview in 1980, Bruford was 31 years old and on tour with his solo band supporting his album Gradually Going Tornado. In the interview, Bruford talks about why he left Yes, how Robert Fripp tried to cancel the King Crimson’s 1974 Central Park concert, and the advantage of making a name for himself in bands like Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson.

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