#37 Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead) Interview 1992


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A never before published interview with Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead)

In the interview, Welnick talks about:

-His love for Bob Marley

- If being in the Grateful Dead was anything like he imagined

- His vision as a child that came true

- What it was like auditioning for the Grateful Dead

- The differences between being with The Tubes and being in the Grateful Dead

- The time Robin Williams performed with him

- How he integrated himself to the Grateful Dead’s way of playing live

- His songs that the Grateful Dead will be playing live

- If it was tough to fit in

- The luxury of being in such a popular band

- Working with Todd Rundgren

- Bruce Hornsby handing off the “baton” to him

In this episode, we have Grateful Dead and The Tubes keyboardist Vince Welnick. At the time of this interview in 1992, Welnick was 41 years old and was promoting the Grateful Dead’s two sold-out shows at Deer Creek Music Center in Indiana. In the interview, Welnick talks about what it was like auditioning for the Grateful Dead; his former band The Tubes; and how being in the Grateful Dead felt like being a part of a “big, old, wonderful family.”

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