#042 Neil Peart (Rush) Interview 1994


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A never before published interview with Neil Peart (Rush) 1994

00:00 - Intro

00:44 - Start of Neil Peart interview

01:02 - What kind of difference can one person make?

01:44 - The western idea of heroism

04:06 - The luxury he enjoys

06:04 - How people react to him asking them to think

10:42 - What he learned from Paul Simon

11:39 - Why he agrees with Frank Zappa that love songs are destructive

12:25 - How he’s a dreamer and an idealist

13:36 - What characteristic he has that has enabled him to be successful

16:01 - His thoughts on Rush Limbaugh

18:03 - His play on words that no one gets

19:11 - Who he thinks Rush’s audience is

21:06 - If he thinks his audience is smart

22:24 - Existential questions he asks himself

23:33 - Thoughts on Rush’s album progression

25:52 - How long it took for him to master the drums

27:47 - His pick for young and upcoming bands

In this episode, we have our third and final interview with Rush’s drummer, Neil Peart. At the time of this interview in 1994, Peart was 42 years old and was promoting Rush’s album Counterparts and their concert in Indianapolis. In the interview, Peart talks about how Rush progressed over its first 18 albums, why he agrees with Frank Zappa that love songs are destructive, and what characteristic he has that has enabled him to be successful.

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