TFP 238: 5 Reasons Why Tennis Players Can't Serve Properly with Peter Freeman


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On Episode 238 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I spoke with Peter Freeman from Crunch Time Coaching about the five reasons why tennis players can’t serve properly.

Pete has coached division 1 college players and has produced state level and national champions. He has been awarded the honor of USTA Georgia Pro of the Year. He has also coached under Tony Palafox, who was John McEnroe’s former coach, and Frank Brennan former Stanford University Coach who won 10 national titles. Peter has a huge passion for tennis and will do whatever it takes to get your game to the next level. He also hosts Tennis Con, one of the biggest and best annual online tennis conferences, each fall.

On the show, you’ll learn how the grip affects your serve, how to escape the “technique hole”, why your ego holds you back from hitting big serves, how to develop your serve the right way, the right mentality you need to level up your serve, serve strategy tips, how to participate in Pete’s 7 Day Serve Challenge, and much more!

Join Pete and me for the 7 Day Serve Challenge, which starts next week!

I hope you enjoy my interview with Pete! Let us know what you think about this episode in the comments below!

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