Episode 667 - Button Mashing


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On this week's show, the famous FSD button has arrived, Tesla rolls out its safety score technology, the fleet will now be able to detect emergency vehicles, and oh yeah, Tesla notches yet another quarterly delivery record.

The FSD Button has arrived - https://bit.ly/TT-E667-1 Tesla Safety Score - https://bit.ly/TT-E667-2 FSD Beta rollout and requirements - https://bit.ly/TT-E667-3 and https://bit.ly/TT-E667-3A Tesla breaks yet another quarterly delivery record - https://bit.ly/TT-E667-4 Emergency vehicle detection - https://bit.ly/TT-E667-5 One million GigaNevada battery packs - https://bit.ly/TT-E667-6

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