Ep155 - Madison Lagares: This 13 Year Old is Going Places!


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With two Broadway shows and a record deal already to her name, this 13 year old actress and singer has something to teach us all about following your dreams whenever they find you.

Madison Lagares is a highly accomplished Broadway veteran, and she’s only 13. She was previously hand selected by Gloria Estefan for On Your Feet!, helped bring School of Rock to life with Alex Brightman, and has recently signed to a recording label, become buds with Andrew Lloyd Webber, and currently happens to be workshopping a new musical with John Mellencamp. Madison also has numerous TV and film credits including Blindspot, Search Party, A Walk Among The Tombstones, and Manhattan Night.

Madison was an active, energetic child, who by the age of 6 had already figured out what she wanted to do with her life - pursue a career in musical theater. On top of voice lessons, maintaining her grades in school, and auditioning, she made her Broadway debut at 9 years old.

Madison turned down the tour of On Your Feet! in order to stay in school, and she shares with us why school was, and still is, a priority for her. She opens up about learning the importance of organization when preparing for auditions, and what it’s like being a part of the professional Broadway world at such a young age. Madison also chats with us about being a part of her first professional workshop for a new musical by John Mellencamp.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her hopes for recording different genres of music
  • Auditioning for Disney
  • How her parents help and support her career
  • Actresses she looks up to and admires
  • Representation on stage and screen

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