EP92 Alcohol And Fat Loss


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For most people in our society, alcohol is regularly encountered in all sorts of social situations. The global pandemic has limited social interaction but hasn’t necessarily slowed alcohol consumption. On the contrary, many people may be finding themselves drinking more due to stress. But how does alcohol affect your body, your health and your fitness goals? In today’s episode, we explore the effects of alcohol on the different systems in your body and why you can’t necessarily compensate for drinking alcohol by cutting calories elsewhere.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

  • Drinking more alcohol in quarantine
  • Drinking when you’re under stress
  • How alcohol is metabolized by your body
  • The difference between a snack and an alcoholic beverage
  • How alcohol affects muscle performance
  • How alcohol affects fat storage
  • Misconceptions about alcohol and sleep
  • Best practices if you are going to drink alcohol


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