[EP 44] The One Where We Talk About "Raising Anti-Racist Kids' with Reena B Patel


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How do you approach the scary and uncomfortable topic of race and racism with kids?
And what age is the right time?
How do we help our children cope with the anxiety of Covid pandemic and the protests and deaths due to inequality and racism.
In light of the powerful BLM movement, many parents are wondering how to talk about the deaths and unrest with their children.
But just as important in the long run, especially for nonblack parents, is how to keep the conversation about race and racism going when we’re not in a moment of national outrage, and to make sure all children see black people as heroes in a wide range of their own stories, and not just as victims of oppression.
To guide us through this unknown, scary and daunting task of teaching children about race and today's guest Reena B. Patel parenting, expert, psychologist and author who has personal experience leading her own 3 kids and other parents through this challenge is sharing her practical approaches and talking points.

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