[EP 59] The One Where We Talk About Talking To Your Animals with Ali Katz


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To my pet lovers out there.... You ever wonder If your pet could talk what would they say?
What If I told you just like there are people who are mediums and can talk to spirit guides, there are people who have the gift to communicate with animals?
In this episode I chat with animal communicator, meditation teacher and Hot Mess To Mindful Mama author Ali Katz.
1. She's going to share the benefits of animal communication
2. How she does it without being with the animal
3. How she communicates with souls of animals passed and alive and
4. She even a fun live reading of my pet parakeet Skye.
If you have a pet or have a pet that Is deceased, you'll want to tune into this episode to understand how you can find out what your pet feels, thinks and even their past lives.
Guest Info and Full Show Notes HERE.
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