[EP 79] The One We Talk About Post-Pregnancy Body Image Issues with Ronnie Kalra


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Do you feel insecure in your post-baby bod? Ever look into the mirror and ask "Is that body in the mirror really me?"
Did you ever feel bad about yourself when you see other moms quickly "bounce back" and feel like it's taking you forever?
We don't have to be stuck in this rut of feeling bad about your body's and today I sit down for another real talk with a real mom episode with Ronnie Kalra from Million Dollar Listing NY to talk about how to create a positive mindset about our post-baby bod and how to deal with the external and inner pressures to "bounce back".
Accepting your new, postpartum body can be a struggle but today I want to give you some positive mindset shifts and self-care practices to be kind to your mind and body post-partum.
If you've ever judged your body, you'll feel heard and find relief after listening to this episode.

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