[EP 87] The One We Talk About Dealing With Toddler Probs With Mona Singhal


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Screentime struggles, tantrums, picky eaters, bad sleepers oh my.
Do you ever wish that your kids came with an owner's manual?
Well since they don't I got the next best thing.
Early childhood development expert, parent coach and founder of Spark Wonder Mona Singhal who can guide us to answer the questions we so desperately confused about when our children are between the ages of 9 months to 5.
Parenting takes a village. there is no shame to ask for support when you feel lost and confused. I'm not talking about asking your parents or friends who have no idea what is going on in a toddlers development or head, I'm talking a parenting expert!
In fact it's the BEST thing you can do for yourself to build your confidence, ditch mom guilt and find a roadmap to help you and your child connect and thrive.
In this episode we talk about:

1. Tips on creating sensory and educational playrooms for toddlers

2. How to handle screen time tantrums and how to make transitions smoother.

3. The best ways to "play" with our kids that builds deep connections.

4. Breaking the stigma of how it’s absolutely OKAY to need help in learning how to engage, stimulate and connect with your toddlers emotional and educational needs.
And so much more!
If you have kids between 9 months and 5 years old, this is a must-listen to podcast!

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