Ep. 165 - I Fixed You, Miku! Now You Can Be Music!


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A couple of things:

  • I got some AirPods Pro
  • Apple is moving to its own silicon. Does that mean anything for stuff like Protools?

Neural DSP Quad Cortex (stab: KHDK Abyss)

  • A challenger appears!
    • This is a new floor modeler and is INSANELY powerful.
    • 2GHz quad-core SHARC chip
    • 7” multi-touch display
    • The footswitches are knobs to turn parameter dials
    • “Want to run four amplifier models, stereo reverbs, and a plethora of other effects simultaneously? Quad Cortex won’t even break a sweat.”
    • Neural Capture included, which I think is like a Kemper profiler
    • 50 amps, 70 effects, and more than 1000 IRs
    • Bunch of modes: Stomp mode, scene mode, preset, etc
    • 2 combo inputs (XLR and ¼”) 2 sends and returns, 2 XLR out, 2 TRS out, headphone out, MIDI, 2 EXP inputs, USB.
    • SMOL BOI. ~11.5” x 7.5” x 2”

Pedal Genie

TC Electronic Ditto+ Looper (Stab: Meris Mercury 7 Reverb)

  • 60-minute loops!
    • Dynamic loop length allows you to add overdubs that are longer than your original loop
    • Unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functions still.
    • Import/Export via USB.
    • It now has a color display with real-time loop info on it

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