Ep. 166 - Metal Zone For Scale


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  • Coppersound Broadway and Strategy (Red Witch Factotum)
    • Thanks to Alex and Coppersound pedals for sending us some pedals to try!
    • Strategy Analog Preamp and Boost (featured on Tone of the Week on 7/7!)
      • Based on a hi-fi grade op-amp with controls for volume and tone.
      • Very musically tuned tone control. Lots of range on the volume. Great for hitting the front of your amp.
    • Broadway Treble Booster and Germanium Preamp
      • Inspired by the original Rangemaster circuit
      • Three way pickup selector emulates the pickup positions on a tele
      • Internal trim pot for compression and dynamics
    • $249 each
    • Both of these can be customized to match YOUR strat or tele.
  • Walrus Audio Slo and Fathom combo (DBA Ghost Delay)
    • Slo is a multi-texture reverb
      • Has cool things like a sub octave in the echo, an auto swell mode, dream mode which has a latching mode
      • Really powerful filter controls, a sustain switch, and an X knob that changes its use based on what setting you’re on.
    • Fathom is a multi-function reverb with 4 different reverb algorithms
      • Hall, plate, lo-fi, and sonar
      • Lo-fi is a filtered reverb with an AM radio sound, or really lush chorus-y/tape sounds
      • Sonar has both a low and high octave included. The X knob blends the high octave in.
    • Now both of these are in one enclosure
    • In/Out for each pedal? Like that weird distortion from last week. BUT, this allows you to insert other pedals between the two reverbs. When not in use, it’s still one input and one output. SMART.
    • $350
  • Pedal Genie
    • Idiotbox Effects Lazer Fuzz
  • Want to talk about Hamilton? (stab: Catalinbread Perseus)
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